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The Truth of Bhagavad Gita

I am more of a spiritualist than religious. I dont follow any particular sect, but I try to take good things from all religions. Recently I met a man who had lost his son to an accident and was derivingĀ strength from timeless wisdom of Bhagvad Gita. He told me that he was very unhappy when his son joined the Hare Krishna movement, as he thought it to be a sect, but days later he died in an accident chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. He was devastated, broken and completely shattered. He started looking for a shelter, and then he picked up this book which his son had brought home. The first verse he read said that the soul is eternal, and cannot be killed by a weapon, drenched by water, dried by air or burnt by fire. This verse alone brought him so much solace that his son is living somewhere, though he has disappeared from the vision, that he decided to read it from end to end. Now he carries this holy book with him all the time and keep reading it over and over again.

Bhagavad Gita- the holy book of Hindus

Hearing how this book is inspiring him, I decided to give it a try. I went to nearest Hare Krishna temple and bought a copy. I have read first two chapters, and I am really finding it good. It is no way teaching or promoting any sect, but everything looks so scientific, but the science of soul. Besides, it also beautifully explains the concept of karma. I cant wait to read more. Will keep you informed about my experiences.