Major religions of the world

Major religions of the world
Last evening I thought it would be nice to summarize major religions of the world,. I researched a bit and found some really interesting things which I thought I would share. First off I will list the major religions as per the population and tell you one special thing about each. Including old and new religions there are five major religions of the world. They are (1) Christianity (2) Islam (3) Judaism (4) Hinduism and (5) Buddhism .

(1) Christianity – The religion has the maximum followers in the world, and as per my research it is the most tolerant. Over the passage of time two major branches viz. Roman Catholics and Protestants have come up. However the basic philosophy remains the same, and the religious text “The Bible” is not only the best seller but full of knowledge which is simply excellent.

(2) Islam – The youngest religion and the one with the number of followers closest to Christianity. The best part of this religion is the brotherhood and the teachings against class and color. Humanity is taught to be above all.

(3) Judaism – This is the oldest religion which still has followers. Together with Christianity and Islam it is called the Abrahamanical religion.

(4) Hinduism – This is the religion which is reminiscent of the old pagan religions and is still followed by the majority in India.

(5) Buddhism – If we take the philosophy into consideration this is to me the best religion; but fully understood by only a few.


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