What is Religion?

What is Religion?

Religion has always fascinated me. In spite of being an atheist I respect all religions of the world. They all teach peace, love and empathy. I was just thinking last weekend about what religion is and why do so many people follow different religions. I would like to share some of my thoughts right here.

First I thought about what makes a religion or in simpler terms what are the essentials of a religion. I researched and read a lot of books since having the thought. Internet also helped with lots of content online. Now let us answer the question.

According most of the dictionaries and books religion is a set of beliefs, cultural system which connects us with our existence. We have always pondered about our existence and religion seems to be the answer. However hard science has tried it has not been able to answer all questions of existence. Essentially a religion will have:

  • A belief of a super consciousness called God.
  • Rituals to connect with god (Every religion will have different rituals).
  • An understanding of birth and death the two realities everybody faces.
  • The meaning of life.

Then there will be stories and laws which will govern the followers. Researching I found that all the laws are made by man trying to relate it to god in some way. These are my thoughts on the meaning of religion. Hope it throws some light or at least confuses you. We will discuss about why so many people are religious next time.


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