Jesus and Modern World

Jesus the Savior

Every Sunday mass I got to the church and listen to the teachings from the Holy Bible. The teachings have so much for everybody. Generally we only hear out the recitals. We do not understand the meaning of it. What Jesus says is to love but still we fight for trivial reasons. Jesus has told once that God lives in us, only we do not realize he is there.

In the present society which is heavy with greed and want of wealth the teaching are the most relevant. The teachings tell us the value of equality, much-needed in the present scenario. Slavery has changed form, but is not abolished. Do the big corporations treat their employees like humans? I beg to differ. A few people are reaping the benefits which should have been distributed.

Another aspect is the wide-spread and thoughtless exploitation of nature. Here is where Jesus teachings come into the picture. Love and caring for all fellow beings which includes animals and plants is the core of Jesus’ sermons. He teaches us contentment and empathy towards everyone. Protect those who are poor and helpless. This is like the shepherd shielding the lamb from the wolves. This will  be the worship Jesus will want. He does not want prayers if you take forward his work. Prayers are a way to reach the feeling of compassion. If we follow what he said, the society will be better and the earth will be saved. Amen!


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