What all religions teach?

All religions preach peace and Love

You may be of any faith but being offensive about another person’s religion is not done. Recently one of my friend’s had a horrible experience with a person least likely to be religious fanatic. I will tell you the story.

A blind person was coming to Christchurch to see his relatives. However his relatives were away to UK, and he had already booked his tickets. His relative incidentally was one of my friend’s friend. So he asked me to take this man around. He had come to visit a few places and meet some people related to his profession yoga. His yoga place was just next to Ferratum office.

I thought I would be helping a person in need. But he was so rude and was always talking about his religion and abusing other religions. I would not tell you either his name or religion because that can spread ill feelings. It is not about religion anyways. All religions teach only one thing that is to love your fellow human beings. Just get hold of any of the texts from any of the religion and you will experience that all teachings are same in different languages. All religions preach to love, to care and not to show that my religion is superior. Every religion is made by us humans so it will have faults. But god is one and only one with many facets. So, this man abused me and called me names , but remembering what all great preachers in all religions have said I still helped him. However, I told the man in the end that he is not living his religion rather is simply following the rules and walked away. I did not wait for his reaction. May god be by his side always to teach him what is humanity. Amen!


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