Paganism – The Natural Religion

What is paganism? It is a real question that has really weird answers everywhere. Christians and Muslims think it is not good to have god as figures, and they detest it. However paganism is not that bad. In fact paganism is always connected to the local culture and is native to the place. It is very connected to nature and has many gods and goddesses.

Natural Religion

In the present scenario where there is rampant exploitation of nature without much care about future results, these local religions might be the answer. They were developed keeping in mind the local factors and the central theme was nature. Whether it be the Mayans of South America, the Red Indians of North America or the Hindus of India they all revere in nature.

Pagan Religion

Pagan Religion


  • In Pagan religion nature which includes plants, animals and earth was central to the religion base. The people used to live life according to natural cycles, and respected nature.
  • The major religions are patriarchal (Christianity, Islam or Judaism). They have one god who is predominantly male. In Paganism there are many gods and goddesses. They live among us and in us. A person can become god over a period. It is unlike other religions where god is super-natural.
  • The goddess is life-giving, nurturing and protecting. Pagan religion has great respect for the power to create life which rests in females.
  • The four elements are earth,air,fire and water. Pagan religion is more realistic and the concept of spirit has been borrowed by the later patriarchal religions.

Overall, Pagan is more close to nature and would never hurt nature. It used to put us back if we exploited nature and there were ways known as rituals. In fact the religion is making its comeback with major life style changes like meditation and Ayurveda.


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