Countless People Looking for a Meaningful Life

As an atheist it puzzles me that there are literally thousands of Christian denominations out there and that they all claim to be true Christians. How does anyone know which one to follow? Christianity, the Bible, Judaism, Mormonism, Muslims and the religion of Islam, New Age, atheism and agnosticism – is there anything in any of these that might give our lives more direction. Certainly the teachings of  Jesus Christ seem to differ from the major religions.

the bible
Even as an atheist it appears as though there is evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ. Even if I don’t believe in god, the question of his historical existence is of interest to many atheists. Some suggest he is based on a real person and that he had a brilliant personality and compassion. This alone sums up a bit of interest in a world without love and pity.

I look at the like of Billy Graham and take not of his massive influence he had until fairly recently and wonder what the millions of Christians have discovered through his crusades. Many Christians say that the Bible presents convincing reasons to become a Christian. All I can say is that I’m having a fascinating time looking at why the different religions’ claims to be the one that holds the secret to the best life.


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